The coating division

Helios is a member of one of the world’s leading paints and coatings manufacturers – the KANSAI PAINT group. With global manufacturing, distribution and sales activities we serve a global clientele. Reliability, growth and research are our most important values, which guide our everyday business and help us create new products and services that meet the needs of our customers.

You are our number 1 customer

Helios smart paints are defined by high environmental standards, know-how, a passion for innovation and a guide for continuous improvement. The Helios Group has companies and manufactures in 18 countries around the world and provides support to customers around the world. The large network and local presence allows us to treat each customer as a number 1. The Group produces a wide range of products and solutions in all segments of coatings and with many famous brands. As a specialist for niche markets, Helios is able to make more than one tailor-made product for our customers.

Sustainable development in line with market needs

The Helios R&D Group has one of the best equipped laboratories in the world, to constantly introduce new products and develop in line with market demands. The principles of environmental protection and sustainability are implemented in all segments of R&D and production processes. The new products and solutions are developed in a direction that reduce the use of resources and negative impacts on the environment with the minimization of carbon emissions and energy consumption. This is how at Helios, knowledge is used for the benefit of our customers and society in general.

Leader position with established brands

The Helios Group offers a wide range of coatings and solutions for various industries, professional users and end users. The Helios Group brings together dozens of trusted brands. We are proud to hold the leading position in Europe in road sign painting systems, the world’s largest manufacturer of paints for insulating plates, one of the most important European manufacturers of paints for the railway industry and a leader in the decorative coatings sector in the Central-Eastern European market. Helios is also a certified partner of the international automotive industry.


For people at Helios, innovation means doing things in a new, better way. The innovations are then presented on the market as new products and services, but they can also be found everywhere within the group companies, in production, in research and development facilities and processes. Find out more about our innovative products on our Helios Group page.