Research and development & Environment and quality

Beauty and function

The powder coating systems of Helios Coatings Italia offer completely new perspectives for the functional paints of the future. Depending on the application, today a paint can be resistant to chemicals, antibacterial, conductive, applied in a thin, non-slip, structured, metallic or even pearlescent layer. The number of possible variants is almost unlimited. The company’s internal engineers, in charge of development, create system solutions specifically designed according to the customer’s needs, with absolutely customized features. In the internal research and development laboratories, these solutions are developed in every detail in close collaboration with the customer and tested for optimal use in practice

Top production plants

The quality requirements of powder coatings are constantly growing and, with them, also the technical standards at the production level. A fundamental prerequisite for Helios Coatings Italia, therefore, is the continuous investment in the production machinery and equipment of the company’s internal testing laboratories, to ensure constant and reliable high quality. The company produces a total of about 12,000 tons of powder paint per year, in various special shades, with particular aesthetic and mechanical characteristics.

"We turn it green" – The environmental management philosophy of Helios Group

The entire HELIOS Group strives to be responsible for nature and to take climate policy measures along the entire value chain. We respond to climate change with a business model that reduces environmental impact. HELIOS is committed to improving environmental performance and building a climate-neutral future. As part of the “We turn it green” campaign, the HELIOS Group is focusing on specific “green measures” in the areas of products, production, procurement and stakeholders from 2020 onwards.

You can read more about the campaign here.


The requirements regarding the quality of powder coatings are constantly rising and production standards have to rise correspondingly. Therefore, continuous investments in production machinery and the equipment of in-house test laboratories are a prerequisite for Helios Coatings Italia to ensure a reliable and constant outstanding quality.

In order to contribute to environmental protection, the company follows its sister company Rembrandtin Lack which is renowned among the chemical industry for its commitment to Responsible Care and environment protection and has received various national and international awards in this field. The success of these efforts and the experience gained are transferred to Color Powder Coatings.