May 23

In recent years, KANSAI HELIOS group has been intensifying its activities for environmental protection. We developed and designed solutions, which not only protect objects, but also extend their lifetime significantly. Due to their environmentally friendly characteristics, powder coatings play an important role in this regard and we constantly strive to improve our production processes. Now we´ve reached a new milestone at Helios Coatings Italia with the installation of a new mill from NEUMAN & ESSER – the ICM 60.

NEUMAN & ESSER is a leader brand for powder coating mills with a long experience in mechanical process engineering. They offer a comprehensive range of grinding and classifying systems as well as complex plant engineering to customers worldwide. With the new ICM 60 we do not only increase the productivity of our powder coating line (from 400 to 700 kg/h) but also increase in the quality of our powders. The new line ensures more stable and reliable process parameters and enables us to produce any kind of powder coatings with a better and narrow particle size distribution. The possibility to make co-grinding and produce the powder coatings directly on the mill is also given.

With the installation of the new NEA mill we produce less waste and save energy. For the placement of the machine less space is required and the noise is also reduced. The production workers are working in an even safer environment because the machine is fully complaint with the safety rules of the EU.

The environmental aspect of powder coatings

In the past few years, the powder coatings market has been developing in a variety of market spaces with growth and innovation. The main driving force for technological development is the growing demand for sustainable solutions and meeting customer demands for enhanced performance. Powder coatings are viewed as a sustainable option in many industrial coating applications. Environmentally friendly powder coatings are a continuing trend and will become more and more important. Powder coatings have obvious environmental benefits as they are VOC-free and reduce the carbon footprint.