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Jan 20

The year 2021 is a new beginning, especially for HELIOS COATINGS ITALIA. With the completion of the merger of Helios Italia and Ecopolifix, we now operate under the name Helios Coatings Italia S.r.l. – Sole Shareholder.
Helios Coatings Italia combines the strengths of all areas of HELIOS industrial coating solutions, providing high-quality powder coatings, liquid coatings from Helios and Rembrandtin, as well as E-coating solutions, gelcoats, adhesives and sealants. The company is not only a complete supplier of industrial coating systems, but also a one-stop shop in Italy for the entire Helios coatings product portfolio. With the integration of the Helios Italia sales company, the joint venture has enriched its product portfolio with car body products, architectural coatings, sealants and PU foams.

Our well-known Ecopolifix brand of powder coatings is part of our product assortment, with unchanged product quality.

We are excited about this step, which allows us to meet our customers’ demands even better in the future!

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