Interior Coatings – Lacquers and Enamels

Lacquers and enamels

  • HIDROHEL systems offer the most optimal and environmentally favorable solution for advanced manufacturers of children’s wooden furniture and toys.
  • HELIODUR coatings are the best choice when high physical–chemical resistance of elements is required. Due to good technical characteristics and simple application, the use of polyurethane coatings has spread beyond industrial lines e.g. in carpentry workshops.
  • HELIOCEL and NITRO coatings are the most cost-effective choice for manufacturers, when there is no need for high physical–chemical resistance
  • UVEHEL coatings are UV curing coatings for advanced manufacturers of flat interior furniture. A great advantage is that UVEHEL coatings optimize the manufacturing process, as they allow very fast curing using UV drier and optimal material consumption.
  • UVEHEL AQUA coatings are UV curing coatings for the most advanced manufacturers of interior furniture. A main advantage is that they are designed for spraying application, which provides a great solution for profiled wooden furniture, and three-dimensional furniture.

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