Interior Wood Coatings

Highlight the natural beauty of wood

Stains and patinas

Wood stains are types of wood coatings that highlight the most natural beauty of wood. The stains color wooden surfaces, while the wooden structure remains visible, and improve the appearance.


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Lacquers and Enamels

Lacquers (clear coatings) and enamels (pigmented coatings) are an ideal solution to achieve utmost aesthetics and quality protection of wooden furniture and interior joinery.


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Bio Program

Natural oils and waxes for wood impregnation are the best choice for all nature lovers, as they are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. BIOHEL is a new line of natural vegetable oils for the protection of wood in a natural and environmentally-friendly manner. You can choose between six different natural oils based on your needs. Natural oils give wood an additional aesthetic value and warmth.


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