Cathodic dip painting – the environmentally friendly alternative

Manufacturers prefer advanced and environmentally friendly coating solutions to reduce costs while maintaining or improving the quality of their products. HELIOS offers a high-quality, field-tested system with many advantages: It ensures robust operation, easy control and significant cost reduction – especially for complex shapes. The water-based 2K epoxy paint especially for KTL is particularly suitable for curing at low temperatures. Our E-coats are mainly used in the automotive industry, but also in other industrial areas for switch cabinets, radiators, furniture, etc.


  • Excellent corrosion and chemical resistance
  • Smooth surfaces and high color stability (very good resistance to yellowing)
  • Wear-resistant
  • Wide process window
  • Stable operation and simple bath control
  • Compatible with various pretreatment and topcoat technologies
  • High cost savings

For more information and technical details on our E-coat systems, please contact us on e-mail or via the contact form. We are pleased to offer you a tailor-made solution.