Railway coatings

Railway coatings for the future

Helios and Rembrandtin have combined their concentrated expertise in the field of railway coatings under the RAILTEC brand. Our rail coatings are set up for easy application, attractive design and offer permanent corrosion protection. With RAILTEC we cover all your needs in the field of railway coatings and we offer a large variety of different types of coatings: solvent-based, water-based, one-component systems, two-component systems and fillers.

All our products guarantee the simplest processing. They are extremely environmentally friendly, VOC compliant, easy to repair and quick drying. They protect trains against corrosion, color changes, graffiti and other damage – permanently. Economic efficiency is guaranteed.

We have placed great value on innovation, appearance and design. Decorative effects are more important than ever, especially in the public transport sector. Our coatings allow a variety of designs: metallic and effect coatings are universally possible on the most varied surfaces.