Products for professional users

Our program also contains products that guarantee maximum customer satisfaction when handled by personnel with knowledge and experience – the professionals. When working with these products, consistent and professional work is required along with consideration of well-defined procedures necessary to achieve the desired goal. The segment of professional users perceive the product in a completely different way than the “do-it-yourself enthusiasts”, so we have adapted this segment especially for professionals.

Coating recipes are specifically developed for demanding surfaces, application techniques and characteristics. In addition, the appearance of the packaging is also suitable for professional users. The front label features different colors, numbers and other information to show the unique advantages of the chosen material, as well as its destination and the correct method of use.

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Solutions for walls and buildings

With the aim of protecting and decorating walls and ceilings in a variety of compositions, we offer coatings for exterior and interior environments. You can find everything from impregnating agents, levelling agents and paints for interiors to multicolored decorative paints, special paints, biocidal agents, facade paints, plasters and concrete paints.

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Coatings for wood protection and decoration

For decoration and protection of wood, you can choose from three basic types of coatings – stains or clearcoats, enamels and lacquers. With the development of new best agents and following the world trends in the field of coatings, our coatings decorate, protect and improve the appearance of wood.

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Coatings for metal and plastics

Painting metal objects gives them not only protection, but also charm and warmth, diversity and attractive appearance. Metals have a limited lifespan and their greatest enemies are water and air. Therefore, it is necessary to properly protect them before applying the top coat in order to prevent rust and decay with our base treatment products.


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Flooring Solutions

There are no limits to creativity and in Helios we want to show you that also with our flooring solutions.


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