Hydrosan original

HydroSan ORIGINAL is a flexible single-component sheath, based on cement modified with special polymers, containing selected quartz aggregates and additives that increase waterproofing, chemical resistance, flexibility and adherence to the substrate. The hardened sheath is compact and thanks to the excellent adhesion gives good protection and waterproofing of concrete substrates, cementitious screeds, plasters, mineral substrates and metals.


HydroSan strap

HydroSan bandella is an elastic band suitable for sealing and waterproofing of critical areas. Specifically designed for expansion joints, connection areas between horizontal and vertical surfaces, sealing of connection corners. The strip must be laid on the first layer of sheath and covered with the second layer.

Hydrosan elastic

Two-component sheath for the protection and waterproofing of mineral surfaces before the installation of ceramics in swimming pools, terraces, bathrooms, showers and concrete in general. The sheath is chlorine and lime resistant, good crack-bridging capacity even at low temperatures. Classification EN 14891: CMO2P.